Easily verify any person or information from any bank, utility company, or government globally
DIRO's technology captures original documents online directly from the original source. It holds a stronger proof of information authenticity than sharing and verifying original copies in person or uploading copies online.
Access ALL banks, utility companies, and government portals with user consent and impersonation check
  • All online banks to verify any data
  • All online utility companies for proof of address
  • All online insurance companies to verify coverage
  • All online government portals for proof of e.g., tax return

24/7 live

100% Original. Guaranteed.
DIRO guarantees that you can trust each PDF and use them as an original document in KYC, legal contracts, or any verifications. For detailed information on PDF authentication, please visit our FAQ.
What makes the document original
   Original sources
Captures the information directly from the trust certificate (SSL)
   User consent
Access to private data in live session with user consent on data captured
   Forensic evidence
IP, trace route of source DNS, SSL, and timestamps session
   Impersonation check
Live session at login verifies the user’s identify
   Tamper proof
Digital finger print (SHA-1) of PDF gets stored on blockchain (100% trust)
For the first time in Internet’s history the trust stays intact with each PDF
Get started in minutes.
   Simple integration
Easily add HTML button to any workflow with a call back.
   Everything in one place
Manage all your requests and documents from one location.
   Works even without integration
Send requests and receive documents directly inside the DIRO platform..

Get verified Original Documents

Try DIRO for free and see how it works. Verify any bank relationship in the world. DIRO meets bank-grade KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements and can be used as Original Document. It provides even a stronger proof of authentication than sharing original documents in person.

Bank account verification
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New groundbreaking technology that wins awards and recognized around the world
  • Part of the UK Government’s Financial Conduct Authority Sandbox for KYC
  • Won the most innovative startup by Citibank Asean among 3,000 FinTechs
  • Invited as the first 6 innovations globally to present at FinCEN in Washington D.C.
  • Won the most innovative global FinTech award at Bank Innovation Ignite in Seattle
  • Funded by Info Edge, which is a billion dollar listed institutional venture capital entity
  • Multiple global patents pending
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